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Adligence digital marketing agency helps small and medium businesses market and scale their businesses through various social media channels. We have experts in multiple channels ready to work with you for boosting your ROI.

Build short links that allow to place your retargeting pixels inside any urls. Share content that people love in social platforms and pixel them while they visit the links. The best way to build a laser targeted audience.

How Can We Help You ?

Artificial Intelligent Apps

Internet giants like Google™ & Facebook™ rely extensively on their AI to determine what posts to promote and demote. Our AI powered apps decode what goes in the minds of these giants and help you stay ahead of the game.

More Sales

Generate more sales to your ecom stores and ebooks with our Artificial Intelligence powered apps that allow you to reach more people than ever before by revealing what text and image polarity the algorithm expects from advertisers.

More Clients

Our white label solution is the game changer for any agency or individual who wants to grow their business. With just 1 click you are able to generate a comprehensive report which can be given to the client as an instant value hook and schedule your call in return.

Our Vision

Hacketing.io has a simple and clear purpose – To make ingenious software solutions for helping digital marketers build,grow and scale their business.

We realize that the challenges we face in our own digital marketing agency is not just our challenges alone.The same is faced by many other digital marketers around the planet.  We cannot close our eyes to these challenges. We are able to solve the problems we face by leveraging our efficient and resourceful technical team. Hacketing.io was founded to help other digital marketers achieve the same results without having to go through all the trouble of creating a software solution.

Aby Abraham

Founder - Adligence LLC

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